Women's History Month Honorable Mentions

Women's History Month Honorable Mentions

As we celebrate Women's History Month, let's tip our hats to the daring and diverse women who have made profound contributions to our national parks.

From LGBTQ+ activists to Indigenous leaders, their stories paint a vibrant mural of our past, urging us to strive for equality and embrace diversity. Join me in spotlighting these fierce women who've etched their legacy into the very landscape of our national park system.

  1. Storme DeLarverie, LGBTQ+ activist and Stonewall veteran, stands as a beacon of advocacy for equality. As a park ranger at the Stonewall National Monument, she's not just preserving LGBTQ+ history, she's shaking up the status quo and reminding us that visibility and representation are key ingredients in the recipe for inclusive national parks.

  2. Sue Kunitomi Embrey's efforts to establish the Manzanar National Historic Site ensure that the stories of Japanese American incarceration during World War II are preserved for future generations. Through her tireless commitment to historical preservation and social justice, she champions the profound lesson that our past holds, urging us to listen, learn, and evolve.

  3. Dorothy FireCloud, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, broke new ground as the first Native American woman to serve as a superintendent of a national park. With a passion for safeguarding Indigenous legacy and fostering cultural empathy, she adds a vibrant splash of diversity to our parks, weaving a tapestry of shared heritage that's as rich as it is inclusive.

  4. Fran P. Mainella made history as the first trailblazing female director of the National Park Service, leading with integrity and vision. Her visionary stewardship didn’t just inspire; it's the kind of spark that ignites a wildfire of passion for conservation and preservation in a new generation of women.

  5. Marsha P. Johnson's legendary contribution to the birth of the Christopher Park section of the Stonewall National Monument isn't just a monument; it's a glittering beacon of LGBTQ+ resilience. Her activism and courage continue to inspire LGBTQ+ communities worldwide—showing the world that grassroots movements can shake the very foundations of societal norms.

  6. Betty Reid Soskin, the first Latina woman to become a park ranger in the National Park Service, shares her unique perspective and experiences with visitors—leading a masterclass, if you will, in perspective-shifting. Her dedication to storytelling and education promotes understanding and empathy, fostering a more inclusive environment in our national parks—making them feel more like home for everyone.

As we celebrate Women's History Month, let's honor the diverse contributions of these trailblazing women and reaffirm our commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive national park system for all.

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NewsWomen's History Month Honorable Mentions

Women's History Month Honorable Mentions

From LGBTQ+ activists to Indigenous leaders, their stories paint a vibrant mural of our past, urging us to strive for equality and embrace diversity.

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