Returns & Exchanges

To start your return or exchange, click here.

If you are having any issues or questions about your return or exchange, feel free to contact the Wondery Customer Service Team: LINKED HERE. For faster assistance, please include the subject "ATTN: RETURNS/EXCHANGES." In the email, please include:

  1. Your order number
  2. List of item(s) for return or exchange
  3. Reason for your return/exchange
  4. Any issues or questions you may have
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Before you send

Please do not send any returns/exchanges without first receiving a RMA# in your email. If you do not submit a return request and receive authorization before sending your return, we will need to refuse the package and it will be returned to sender.


Return authorizations emails may get marked as spam or promotional emails. If you do not receive a response on your return request within 24 hours, make sure you check all email folders before submitting another request.


Wondery Outdoors is here to help! Please use the chat or contact button below.

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