You belong out here

We started Wondery Outdoors because fresh air with friends makes our lives better and we want to share that experience with women from all walks of life.

Our richest moments are under open skies

Being outside connects us to community, helps us grow, and gives us a reason to step away from life’s pressures.

BIPOC-owned and women-led team

From the cost of quality gear to get up mountains, to the time it takes to learn a new skill, there’s a lot that gets between minorities, immigrants, mothers, and the outdoors.

Gear that goes any pace

We know that when you feel confident, safe and comfortable—your whole day is going to be a lot more fun (whether your definition of fun is glamping or leading a multi-pitch).

Feel empowered from the inside out

Everyone’s path to the outdoors looks different. It’s never too early or too late. We want to open eyes with open arms and show everyone: you belong out here.