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Mindful Movement: Hike Crew Sound Bath Event

Wondery Hike Crew Sound Bath Event

We’re adding mindful movement & R&R to our self-care checklist this holiday season. While we loved being immersed in spooky Halloween vibes during our last Hike Crew event, we’re setting our intentions for a more serene evening with movement and relaxation for our upcoming event on Wednesday, November 29th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. The holidays can be stressful—we want to create a moment for ourselves so we can tackle the rest of the year refreshed. 

As we kick off the evening at Wondery Outdoors HQ, Tiffany Wright, an esteemed Licensed Clinical Social Worker, renowned author, and dedicated outdoor enthusiast will set a guiding intention for our gathering before we head off for a revitalizing hike. The intention is to stay connected to ourselves—through nature, laughter, movement and an inner stillness. 

Upon return to HQ, Tiffany will guide us into a deeper state of relaxation and connection with a donation-based, soul-soothing sound bath session. Tiffany's vast experience and passion for holistic well-being promises an evening of heartfelt rejuvenation after a hike filled with mindful movement. We’re excited to embark on an evening of practicing staying present and prioritizing our mental health. Bring on the tranquil vibes. 

We’re taking December off to spend time with family and friends, but join us for our next Hike Crew in January, or meet us in the future on the fourth Wednesday of every month!

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