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Los Angeles Self Reflection Hike with Passion Planner

Los Angeles Self Reflection Hike with Passion Planner

On Saturday, July 8th, Wondery, in collaboration with Passion Planner, curated an event that married the thrill of outdoor exploration with the introspective practice of guided journaling. This harmonious fusion of activities brought together a vibrant mix of 13 individuals for a unique and enlightening experience.

As day broke, we commenced our 2.5-mile hike, surrounded by fellow nature enthusiasts and their lovable dogs. Our path was filled with shared laughter, stunning views, and the sound of leaves crunching beneath our shoes - aka all the elements needed for an invigorating hike (especially the dogs).

Wondery outdoors passion planner journaling hike los angeles
Wondery Outdoors journaling hike journal sheet
Dog on los Angeles hiking trail

But our journey didn't end there. Mid-hike, we transitioned into a quieter, introspective session of guided journaling, centered around the theme of self-reflection. With Passion Planner leading the way, participants were invited to dive deep into their thoughts and emotions, creating a lasting record of their personal insights on the pages of their journals. This calming practice perfectly complemented the active part of our day, allowing everyone to reflect on their journey and further appreciate the beauty of the world around them.

As we wrapped up the day, each participant walked away with a Passion Planner of their own and a Wondery goodie bag valued at $100+. But the most valuable takeaway was, undoubtedly, the shared experience and the personal insights gained during the self-reflection session.

Our attendees' feedback beautifully summed up the day's experience. One participant shared, "I loved that the event attracted such a diverse group of people." Meanwhile, another attendee expressed that "it exceeded my expectations." These kind words encapsulate the essence of our event - an inclusive space where people can bond, grow, and learn from each other.

As we reminisce about the day, we're filled with gratitude for the opportunity to facilitate such meaningful experiences for our community. And, we're not stopping here. Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming adventures that combine the magic of the great outdoors with the profound journey of self-reflection. We hope to see you at our next gathering, contributing your unique perspective to our Wondery community.


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