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Kicking Off Pride Month with Climb with Pride

Kicking Off Pride Month with Climb with Pride

When climbing, each unique path presents an opportunity for a fresh perspective. At Wondery, we apply this philosophy not just to the crag, but to life. Earlier this month, we celebrated one of our cherished communities –LGBTQ+– with an unforgettable Climb with Pride event. Filled with energy, camaraderie, and of course, climbing, the event was a testament to the power of inclusivity and community. Hosted at Touchstone Climbing's The Post in Pasadena, our Pride climbing event was a vibrant mix of excitement, learning, and community-building. Our event drew a crowd of 150 attendees – climbers of all levels, outdoor enthusiasts, and supporters of our communities.

"A safe space for queer climbers is important for those who don't feel safe otherwise. The freedom to be yourself without judgment is a vital part of living."

Jay Louie (They/Them)
co-founder of Queer Crush

The event kicked off with two engaging clinics designed to enhance our attendees' climbing knowledge and skills. Kobe led an 'Intro to Bouldering' clinic that helped novices find their footing on the bouldering walls. Zoey demystified the art of route setting in her 'Setting' clinic, illuminating how creativity and strategic thinking go hand in hand in this process.

Our incredible vendors provided a variety of food and shopping experiences. Mars Clothing showcased their functional gear, while Crag to Crux offered creative stickers and tees that were an instant hit. Nobody could resist the mouth-watering baked goods by Black Forest Bakery. Jeung Bok's artwork added a dash of color and creativity, and Redwood Supply's climbing shoes had every climber's attention. Finally, Cassava and Tea, offered attendees delightful and refreshing boba teas.

We were thrilled to channel the energy of this event towards a cause close to our hearts. We pledged to donate 100% of day pass sales and all raffle revenue from the Climb with Pride event to our featured organization, Queer Crush. This amazing non-profit creates safe and inclusive spaces for those diverse in their gender, romantic, and sexual orientation who care to seek healing, health, community, and connection with the land through the art and sport of climbing. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to our brand partners who kindly contributed items for the raffle. The array of prizes was diverse and exciting, Wondery's viral Parks of the USA Water Bottle and Isabel Climbing Pants, trendy Chaco slides, Patagonia's practical hold cubes, Mountain Hardware's functional chalk bags, Mad Rock's high-quality chalk, and stylish Goodr sunglasses. Further enhancing the assortment were Acopa's comfortable shoes, Black Diamond's reliable dry rope, and Metolius's popular chalk blocks. We are overjoyed to announce we were able to raise $3896 for Queer Crush.

"At the event, queer businesses and individuals came out of the cracks, and we were able to witness creativity, liveliness, and passion from the queer community at large in LA."

Jay Louie (They/Them)
co-founder of Queer Crush

As we look forward to future events, we’re eager to continue fostering inclusivity and community. To anyone considering attending future events, we promise it'll be an experience filled with adventure and memories that you'll treasure. We hope to see you there! Stay adventurous, stay inclusive, and as always, keep exploring the wondrous outdoors.

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