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Hike Crew: Sound Bath Event Recap

Rainbow in the sky over pine trees

In our final trek of the year, we set our sights on mindful movement—making each step deliberate and intentional. On a rare, rainy Wednesday evening in Los Angeles on November 29th, our Hike Crew threw on our jackets, hiking shoes, and headlamps to go for a night hike in the crisp air. We were honored to have therapist and author Tiffany Wright be our guide (in more ways than one). 

While making our way through the trail, our thoughtful guide not only led us, but encouraged us to tune into our senses. We hit the pause button on life to savor the post-rain fragrances from the plants, the vibrant sounds of our surroundings, and the picturesque landscape that unfolded before us. Laughter intertwined with the ambient sounds around the lake became our soundtrack. We braved rain-soaked puddles (a feat for us Los Angelenos) and muddy terrain, turning a simple hike into an exercise in embracing the present moment.

Back at Wondery HQ, we nestled onto plush blankets, gearing up for the next portion of the night—a rejuvenating sound bath. The sounds of the singing bowls, skillfully played by Tiffany, brought the group into a state of relaxation. Following our sound bath, we were encouraged to turn inward and reflect. Tiffany asked us introspective questions about the things we noticed on our hike as she discussed similar reflections she uses during her eco-therapy sessions. 

Reflection can be a powerful tool in helping us ease our emotions or anxieties, bring out our personalities, and stay grounded amidst city life, she explained. If you’re someone who feels calm at the sound of rushing water, for instance, this might indicate you’re a person with high energy and movement in your life. 

The takeaway we gleaned from this mindful experience? To hit the pause button and be present more often. In the hustle and bustle of a city like LA, it's crucial to inhale a moment and acknowledge the little things: the plants in the room with you, the scent of nearby trees, or even the soothing hum of the water in the shower. 

It goes without being said that we all left with a sense of tranquility, and quite possibly, a deeper connection to nature and the present moment.

Come January, join us in our continued journey of self-reflection with the upcoming Hike Crew event! What’s better than a rejuvenating hike to start the year, you may ask? A rejuvenating hike followed by a vision board making session, of course. Feel free to bring your favorite magazines and newspapers to swap ideas, but rest assured, we'll have supplies on hand. We hope to see you there! 

Adventure awaits—check out our past and future events below!

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