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This International Women’s Day, let’s get together and shine a spotlight on organizations dedicated to championing BIPOC women, nonbinary, and trans individuals in the great outdoors. Lagartijas, Sending In Color, Black Girls Trekkin’, and Brown Girls Climb are four organizations doing just that—not only in Los Angeles, but across the United States. From scaling cliffs to conquering trails, they're not just exploring nature—they're rewriting the narrative of who belongs in it. They are fierce advocates for the recognition and integration of historically marginalized voices within the outdoor community. Dive in below to discover the awe-inspiring impact they’re creating, one summit at a time.

1. Lagartijas: Celebrating BIPOC Outdoor Enthusiasts

Meet Lagartijas, the movers and shakers in the outdoor world on a mission to bridge the gap for People of the Global Majority (PGM) and make the great outdoors their playground. From scaling peaks to sharing knowledge, they're all about boosting accessibility and creating a cozy corner for PGM adventurers to thrive. With climbing gym meet-ups galore in LA and the Bay Area, to their gear rental and guidebook library, the organization is breaking down barriers and turning the outdoor scene into a diverse and inclusive paradise. Join the fun and break down those walls, one climb at a time.

2. Sending in Color: Promoting Diversity in Climbing

Sending in Color is more than just a climbing crew. With a mission to shake up the climbing scene, they're all about Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) principles. Their goal? To smash accessibility barriers for all BIPOC climbers and create a community that's as colorful as it is welcoming. From newbie-friendly clinics to epic gym meet-ups and festival shindigs, they're spreading the love nationwide. With Sending in Color leading the charge, get ready to climb your way to the top while breaking stereotypes along the way.

3. Black Girls Trekkin': Empowering Black Women in the Outdoors

Black Girls Trekkin’ is dedicated to empowering Black women to conquer the great outdoors with confidence and camaraderie. Forget stereotypes, these ladies are rewriting the script one hike at a time. From forging friendships and commitment to environmental stewardship, to rekindling cultural connections, it's all about embracing nature and leaving a little sparkle behind. With Black Girls Trekkin’ leading the charge, get ready to lace up your boots, break out your best adventure gear, and dive into the wild with confidence.

4. Brown Girls Climb: Cultivating Leadership in Climbing

Brown Girls Climb isn't just reaching for the top—it's changing the game. They're creating a climbing community that's as vibrant and diverse as the routes they tackle. Through events, meet-ups, and outreach programs, Brown Girls Climb empowers their community to challenge themselves, break barriers, and celebrate their achievements. With a focus on accessibility and representation, they’re committed to amplifying the voices and experiences of marginalized communities within the climbing community and through their Brown Girls Climb Marketplace which offers curated selections of products and resources that support Black-owned businesses. From empowering women of color to scale new heights and by to curating a marketplace that supports Black-owned businesses, they're shaking up the vertical world one ascent at a time. So grab your gear, join the crew, and let's show those cliffs what Brown Girls Climb is all about. 

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we’re tipping our hats to the incredible work of organizations like Lagartijas, Sending In Color, Black Girls Trekkin', and Brown Girls Climb for turning outdoor adventures into inclusive and downright kick-ass experiences. With them leading the charge, we can continue to create a more welcoming and accessible outdoor community for all. Cheers to breaking down barriers and making every peak feel like home for everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about these four awesome organizations, join Wondery Outdoors and REI Burbank for an insightful panel discussion on Friday, March 8th!

WHAT An inspiring panel discussion featuring community leaders and organizers from Lagartijas, Black Girls Trekkin’, Sending In Color, and Brown Girls Climb
WHO Hosted by Wondery Outdoors in partnership with REI Burbank.
WHEN Friday, March 8th at 6:30pm PT
WHERE REI 1900 Empire Avenue, Burbank, CA 91504

Check out the Events & Community page for more information about this event, and to see information about past and future Wondery Outdoor events!

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