5 Essential Items People Forget on Snowshoeing Trips

woman or man snowshoeing in the snow winter activity

Consider this your chilly-adventure cheat sheet. 

Venturing into a snowshoeing adventure means breathtaking winter landscapes and refreshing exercise. But it’s easy to overlook essential items that could be the game-changer for your adventure. Below, you’ll find the 5 often-forgotten items that can ensure you stay warm, secure, and fully savor your snowshoeing adventure. Core memories loading…

Brrring the Heat: Hand Warmers

While most snowshoers have mastered the art of layering, hands often bear the brunt of the cold. Don’t leave your digits out in the cold by tossing a few hand warmers into your pack to ensure your fingers stay extra toasty when facing frosty frontlines. These pint-sized heat wizards are your secret weapon when facing brisk winds for extended periods.

Toasty Toes Territory: Extra Socks

Too cozy? No such thing. Bringing an extra pair of socks is a must for your comfort and—believe it or not—safety. In the snowy and cold terrain, moisture from snow or sweat can quickly dampen socks and become a recipe for frostbite. With a dry pair on standby, you can change when needed and keep your feet warm—reducing the potential for cold-related issues. Also, dry feet provide better insulation which provides a better overall experience. Comfort (and safety) starts from the base.

Permission to Be Shady: Sun Protection

Don’t let the snow play tricks on you. Snow reflects sunlight, intensifying its impact on your skin. It’s easy to overlook sun protection for a winter trip—so make sure you pack the essentials: sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, and sunglasses—and protect your skin and eyes from the snow’s sneaky glow. Staying sun safe is a year-round affair. 

S.O.S: Snow Emergency Kit

Survival chic? It’s a thing. Nature can be unpredictable, especially in winter. Be ready for any plot twist by carrying a compact emergency kit. Include items like a first aid kit, a multi-tool, a small flashlight, and a space blanket. These basics can make sure you’re ready for any impromptu predicaments. 

Oldie But Goodie: Map and Compass

In the age of GPS, it's normal to let technology take the wheel in navigation. But, remember, electronic devices can fail in extreme cold. Always carry a physical map and a trusty compass—they don’t get the winter blues. Prep yourself with the trail deets beforehand and let these timeless tools be your backup to avoid getting lost in the winter wilderness.

WHAT Join Wondery Adventure Maker, Jennifer for a fun, 3 mile snowshoeing hike on Southern Meadow trail. This event is focused on members of the deaf community.
WHO Wondery in partnership with our Adventure Maker Jennifer Love
WHEN Saturday, February 17th at 10:00 am 
WHERE Wild Wings Nature Center - 27 Pond Road, Honeoye Falls, NY, 14472


Remember to pack these essential items when joining us for our ASL snowshoeing adventure in New York! 

Space is limited–so sign up here ASAP! Want to be notified of future events in your area? Click here!

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