4 Fun Ways to Cure Your Winter Blues

Woman hiking along rock trail with a view

Winter blues? We don’t know her. 

Despite the colder weather, there are still plenty of outdoor activities you can do to get yourself some fresh air, sun, and happiness—even if it means throwing on some extra layers. 
Make this winter your wonderland with these 4 fun activities. 

1. Ice Skating

Strap on those skates and indulge in an icy delight. Whether you’re a pro or just looking for a fun way to stay active, ice skating is a wonderful option. More often than not, ice skating rinks are made to be an attraction as well as a fun activity. So gather your friends or family and get on the ice for a frosty, magical atmosphere and some cold-stone fun. Afterall, ice is life. 

2. Ski or Snowboard Getaway

Who says you can’t shred the gnar in the winter? The thrill of gliding down the fresh-snow slopes is exhilarating—regardless of your expertise. If you’re a newbie, virtually all ski resorts offer lessons for beginners. Plus, there are snug lodges for post-shredding chill vibes with toasty drinks and grub.

3. Snowball Fights and Forts

You’re never too old for a classic snowball fight or building elaborate snow forts (you heard it here first). Go crazy and channel that inner child—throw in some snow angles while you’re at it! Play, get creative, and have fun. 

4. Winter Hike

Despite the rumors, we’re here to inform you that hiking and winter are not mutually exclusive. 

A bit of strategic preparation and layers is all it takes—think warm outerwear like hats, scarves, gloves, and a snug winter coat. Opting for footwear that shields your feet from the cold and prevents slipping is also a must since conditions can get muddy or icy. So, lace up those boots and hit the winter trails. 

Now that you have some ideas on how to turn your winter into a wonderland, why not link up with some fellow adventurers?

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WHERE Genesee, CO. Exact meeting location to be shared with those that sign up for the event.

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Break out your favorite coat, put on those mittens, and get ready for some beautiful wintery views of the majestic mountains! Space is limited–so sign up here ASAP! See what other Wondery events are coming up in the future here .

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