8 Tips For Taking Your Pup Along On Your Next Adventure

8 Tips For Taking Your Pup Along On Your Next Adventure

We all know that adventures are ten times better with your pup at your side. Don’t let the distance or hassle stop you from climbing mountains, jumping in lakes, and watching the sunset with your four-legged friends. With a little know-how, traveling with dogs can be made a whole lot easier. Here are some simple tips for taking your pup along on your next adventure.

"It is amazing how much love and laughter dogs bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them."

Check The Rules

Wherever you plan on going, even if it’s just for the day, make sure dogs are allowed. If you plan on visiting any National Parks, check their website before heading out. Though dogs aren't always allowed, most will at least have a pet-friendly section for your best friend.

Make Sure They're Up-To-Date

Before heading out, check with your vet to make sure your four-legged babies are up-to-date on their vaccines and flea/tick medication. And if they aren't already micro-chipped, consider having it done before your trip. (Collars can come off easily!)

Pack Their Bags

Water bowl. Food. Leash. Poop bags. A back up leash. Harness. Crate. Their favorite toy. Treats.Towel. Bedding. Canine First Aid Kit. More poop bags. And of course a camera for the epic views that will inevitably turn into a backdrop for your adorable pet. All dog parents are guilty of this.

Safety First

Just as you would with your toddlers, buckle in or crate your fur children! The easiest way to secure your pups is with a seat belt clip that clips into their harness and then buckles into the backseat. Another method is to crate your pups—this could be a good solution for dogs with motion sickness or anxiety while traveling.

Do A Test Drive

If this is your first road trip with your pups help them get used to being in the car by going on short drives together. If they haven’t barfed, gradually add on some miles, always praising them for being such good adventure buddies. If they pant or whine from being so excited for the new places they get to check out, pick up some all-natural calming treats. There are also all-natural remedies for car sickness if your fur babies can’t hold down their breakfast.

Try To Stay On Schedule

Try to keep some normalcy and routine to your adventure by staying on a regular feeding schedule. This will help them know everything is a-okay.

Watch Over Them

Keep your pups either on a leash or on a long lead at your campsite to help protect the wildlife as well as protect your babies. If you plan on going on long hikes, monitor your dogs for any signs of heat stroke (panting, excessive drooling, irregular heartbeat) and take frequent breaks on your epic adventure.

Have The Time Of Your Life

Traveling with your pups is definitely harder than traveling alone, but it is so rewarding. The extra packing and planning becomes insignificant when you get to roast marshmallows by the fire, hike to the top of a mountain at sunrise, and spend nights curled up under the stars together.

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