The following is a growing, comprehensive list of non-profit organizations, outreach groups, grant opportunities and news/information resources we love that are making a huge impact in the outdoor community.

Outreach Groups/Nonprofits

Black Girls Trekkin

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Black Girls Trekkin’ is an outdoor group that connects like-minded Black women and creates a safe and inclusive outdoor space for them. Through group treks on various Los Angeles trails, they aim to promote diversity in the outdoors and dismantle the stereotype that People of Color don’t go outside.

Brown Girls Climb

Location: Meets Across The U.S.

Brown Girls Climb is a small company owned and operated by Women of Color. They promote and increase visibility of diversity in climbing through an established community for climbers of color. They also provide leadership opportunities for self-identified women climbers of color and inclusive opportunities for underrepresented communities to climb and explore.

Fat Girls Hiking

Location: Chapters Across The U.S.

Fat Girls Hiking defines their outdoor community through fat activism and body liberation. They strive to take the shame and stigma out of the word “fat” and empower it. Using the motto, “Trails Not Scales” Fat Girls Hiking focuses on self care through the outdoors and creates a safe space where fat and marginalized folks can come together and access the outdoors.

Hike Clerb

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hike Clerb is an intersectional women’s hike club dedicated to equipping women of color with the tools, resources, and experiences they need to collectively heal in nature from Los Angeles and beyond. They host hikes and connect women of color to create a network of women to explore the outdoors together.

Hike Like A Woman

Location: Laramie, WY

Hike Like a Woman is an outdoor community that offers guided tours and skills lessons for women hikers. They are currently offering “Build Your Own Adventure” tours that women can safely plan locally with friends, as well as online courses to accommodate safe social distancing.

 Indigenous Women Hike

Indigenous Women Hike is collective of Indigenous women reconnecting with their ancestral homelands. Through outdoor exploration and spreading awareness and recognition of Indigenous Land, they aim to heal and embrace their inherent connection to land.

Jenny Bruso & Unlikely Hikers

Location: Meets Across the U.S.

Unlikely Hikers is a diverse, anti-racist, body-liberating outdoor community featuring the underrepresented outdoors person. They have a large Instagram community, a nationwide hiking group, and a podcast.

Lady Crush Crew

Location: San Fransisco & Los Angeles, CA

Lady Crush Crew is a climbing community that hosts meet ups for ladies (trans and cis), non-binary, Two Spirit, and friends. They organize climbing crag clean-ups, highlight climbers on their social media platforms, and partner with climbing organizations for events, raffles, and giveaways.

Latino Outdoors

Latino Outdoors is a Latinx-led organization working to create a national community of leaders in conservation and outdoor education.They are focused in expanding and amplifying the Latinx experience in the outdoors; providing greater leadership, mentorship, and professional opportunities while serving as a platform for sharing cultural connections and narratives that are often overlooked by the traditional outdoor movement.

Melanin Basecamp and Diversify Outdoors

Melanin Basecamp works to increase the visibility of outdoorsy Black, Indigenous, People of Color, to increase our representation in the media, advertising and in the stories told about BIPOC in the outdoors. They work to create more opportunities for People of Color in outdoor adventure sports and create a safe space for marginalized identities to discuss their experiences.


#DiversifyOutdoors Movement:

In partnership with Melanin Basecamp, Diversify Outdoors is a coalition of social media influencers – bloggers, athletes, activists, and entrepreneurs – who share the goal of promoting diversity in outdoor spaces where BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other diverse identities have historically been marginalized and silenced. They are passionate about promoting equity and access to the outdoors for all — that includes being body positive and celebrating different skill levels and abilities.

Native Women Wilderness

Location: Colorado

Native Women Wilderness is a group with the mission to inspire and raise the voices of Native Women in the Outdoor Realm and encourage a healthy lifestyle grounded in the wilderness. They also emphasize the celebration of Native Ancestral Lands through education of non-Natives, shared stories, and community support.

No Man Land Film Festival

No Man's Land Film Festival (NMLFF) is a traveling, all-women adventure film festival based out of Denver, Colorado. They screen films with the intention to highlight ladies on the pursuit of their passions in the outdoors. The goal of NMLFF is to connect like-minded adventure lovers with a shared vision of gender equality and a desire to experience their passions and environments through a uniquely feminine lens.

Outdoor Afro

Location: Chapters Across The U.S.

Outdoor Afro is a national not-for-profit organization that inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. With more than 80 leaders in 42 cities around the country, they connect thousands of people to nature experiences, who are changing the face of conservation.

Outdoor Asian

Location: California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington

Outdoor Asian is an organization seeking to create a diverse and inclusive community of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the outdoors. They do so through locally-based trips and outings, as well as creating a platform to lift up stories of individuals and histories of Asian communities to reflect on their ever-changing relationship to ecology and nature.

Outdoor Women's Alliance

Location: U.S. & Canada

OWA is a volunteer-run nonprofit media and adventure collective that engages, educates, and empowers females worldwide. They offer outdoor adventure programming, as well as opportunities for mentorship, internship and volunteering. OWA inspires confidence and leadership in women of all ages, believing that confident women have the power to build healthy communities and change the world.

She Moves Mountains

Location: California, Oregon, Utah and Washington

She Moves Mountains is an organization that creates an educational space for women (cis, trans) and gender minorities to realize their strength through outdoors retreats and skills clinics. They offer a variety of clinics and mentorships, providing opportunities for the complete beginner to the advanced climber.


Location: Salt Lake City, UT

SheJumps hosts events across the U.S. that offer a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging from wilderness survival and mountaineering, to technical maintenance and skill-building clinics in a variety of disciplines. These events are educational and help women and girls to become self-sufficient in the outdoors.

Soul Trak

Location: Washington, D.C.

Soul Trak Outdoors is a nonprofit organization that connects communities of color to outdoor spaces while also building a coalition of diverse outdoor leaders. They run a variety of programming to serve hands-on, experiential programming.

Textured Waves

Location: Chapters Across The U.S.

Texture Waves is a collective of African American female surfers. They aim to propagate the culture and sport of women's surfing towards women of color and underrepresented demographics through representation, community, and sisterly camaraderie.

The Venture Out Project

Location: Florence, MA

The Venture Out Project facilitates backpacking and wilderness trips for the queer and trans community in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. They provide comprehensive inclusion workshops for educators, adventure professionals, summer/day camps and more.

Trail Mothers

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Trail Mothers is a non-profit organization that works to preserve and restore public parks, trails, and climbing crags. In addition to their mission of keeping public outdoor spaces clean, they encourage and empower mothers to hike with, climb with, and educate their children on the outdoors.

Wondery Outdoor Women

The Wondery Outdoor Women Facebook group is a place for adventure-seeking women in the outdoor community to connect with each other, find other women to meet with, and plan their own outdoor excursions. Here women can feel empowered in the outdoors, on their own terms, wherever they are!

Youth Outreach

The Charles Roundtree Bloom Project

Location: San Antonio, TX

The Charles Roundtree Bloom Project aims to create a space of communal healing for youth impacted by incarceration. They do so by facilitating healing-centered outdoor experiences and culturally relevant environmental education that help them envision new possibilities for their lives, for their communities, and for our world.

Girl Ventures

Location: Oakland, CA

GirlVentures inspires girls to lead through outdoor adventure, inner discovery, and collective action. Their youth programs combine outdoor adventure with social emotional learning at a critical time in girls’ lives. GirlVentures also provides great mentor opportunities for women who want to be part of their amazing programs.

Conservation Activism

National Parks Conservation Association

Location: Washington, D.C.

With nearly 1.4 million members and supporters, NPCA is the voice of America’s national parks, working to protect and preserve our nation’s most iconic and inspirational places for present and future generations. They celebrate the parks and work tirelessly to defend them; whether on the ground, in the courtroom, or on Capitol Hill.

Patagonia Action Works

Patagonia Action Works connects committed individuals to organizations working on environmental issues in the same community. They make it possible for anyone to discover and connect with environmental action groups and get involved with the work they do.

Protect Our Winters

Location: Boulder, CO

POW helps passionate outdoor people protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change. Their community consists of athletes, scientists, creatives, and business leaders advancing non-partisan policies that protect our world today and for future generations.

The Sierra Club

Location: Oakland, CA

The Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. They aim to amplify the power of their 3.8 million members and supporters to defend everyone’s right to a healthy world.


Cairn Project

The Cairn Project expands outdoor access for girls and young womxn by supporting community-based wilderness and outdoor education groups around the country through a small grants program. Their mission is to bring together a community that is inspired to catalyze outdoor passion into a force for good, share learning and stories, and raise the profile of womxn and girls in outdoor adventure.

North Face Explorer Fund

Since 2010, North Face’s Explore Fund Grant program has created access and driven equity in the outdoors by funding hundreds of nonprofit organizations around two themes: Enabling Exploration and Loving Wild Places. Partnered with The National Park Foundation and The National Park Service, this fund aims to support outdoor programs in national parks and on federally managed lands. Their shared goal is to encourage and enable people from all walks of life and abilities to get outside and explore.

News, Blogs, & Information

Bearfoot Theory

Founded by Kristen Bor, Bearfoot Theory is a comprehensive online resource blog with helpful information for the everyday adventurer, including outdoor skills, gear, van life, and destinations. Their mission is to inspire and empower people to get outside with a strong outdoor skillset go be prepared for wherever their adventures lead them.


With over 1 million TikTok followers, Alexis Nikole is a self-taught forager and environmental science enthusiast, better known as @BlackForager. Using her vast knowledge and experience with edible plants, Alexis makes the skill of foraging accessible to all; sharing her own personal plant finds, foraging tips, and recipes right from her neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio.

Disabled Hikers

Disabled Hikers is a project by disabled hikers for disabled hikers. They provide information and resources to help individuals with disabilities know what to expect on a trail and plan accordingly. The goal of Disabled Hikers is to help the disabled community enjoy the outdoors and learn to love the experience with the right tools.

Misadventures Magazine

Mis­ad­ven­tures is a print magazine that champions women who embrace cre­ativ­ity, take risks, and go out and beyond. Their writing spotlights inspi­ra­tional feats and fig­ures, beau­ti­ful spaces, honest-to-goodness adven­tures, and dis­cov­er­ies of all sorts.

She Explores

She Explores is committed to creating a space where others’ voices are amplified. Contributors write stories and create art inspired by womxn’s connection to the outdoors. She Explores is always on the lookout for how the conversation about and between womxn is changing, for voices that still aren’t being heard, and for what’s next in the outdoor industry and environmental world.

The Women's Outdoor Network

Women’s Outdoor News (The WON) features news, reviews and stories about womxn and girls by womxn and girls who are actively engaging in outdoor adventure. The WON is a great source for news, reviews and stories about women who live their lives outdoors in pursuit of traditions such as shooting, hunting, fishing, exploring and overall adventure.

Beginner Resources

Outside Online

A variety of articles written by experienced outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. These are geared towards people who are just starting their journey getting outside and are filled with great tips from experts.

Sports Basement

Affordable Equipment Rentals

Sports Basement is a sporting-goods retailer with ten locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. They offer equipment purchases and rentals for top-quality brands at basement prices. Their stores also operate as a community center for athletes and groups to host meetings, potlucks, and workouts.

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