With an ultra-soft fleece outer shell & an elevated internal cushioned mesh, the Kelley Fleece Jacket is the new go-to midweight jacket.


We sought to make the perfect mid-weight for all outdoor women and we think we nailed it. The ultra soft fleece outer shell is perfectly warm and densely weighted, while the elevated internal mesh provides breathability and positive airflow to keep you cool.

Full Range.

Unlike most women’s midweight jackets, we chose to make the silhouette looser and boxier at the top of the jacket and taper at the bottom to allow for a range of motion during outdoor activities.

The moisture-wicking properties of the elevated mesh allow proper ventilation while the outer poly fleece keeps your core temperature steady. Mid-weight stretch marrow at the bottom hem, the cuffs, the zipper am the pockets keeps a proper seal to close off open ends - all complemented with beautiful color pops that add a statement. Finally, we added a snap button front chest pocket to provide slight formality to create a jacket that can stand alone without an outer shell.